SAFETY is a basic topic when talking about sailing boats, the sea is full of dangers and we can face them and avoid them by paying attention to every word the instructor will tell us. Remember, for example, that there is no steering wheel in the boat, but the rudder or rudder wheel, which can be undercover or covered: inside or out; There are no strings but... ropes, that the rope is not left but... tighten.

Learning the proper “jargon” is also a part of security because it avoids misunderstandings and dangers, allowing you to make correct maneuvers and have fun with each activity.

The rules of observance of the right of navigation (or rules of precedence at sea) in and out of the port will soon be highlighted in order to be able to carry out the activities again, safely.

By sailboat it is imperative that everyone has a task. will be assigned a role to each person, depending on the individual skills and / or knowledge, this role will allow the individual maneuver to be safely and enjoy a pleasant experience.


  smoking is forbidden;

  it is forbidden to carry rigid containers of any size and shape on board;

  the phone can be held in the backpack / bag;

  all equipment must be contained in soft bags;

  you have to respect the decisions and maneuvers required by the instructor;

  to get on or off the boat, as well as for any diving, wait for the instructor's approval;

  it is mandatory and necessary to use shoes with clear and non-slip sole, the boots must be those suitable for boat.

Proper clothing is important for doing the activity properly:

- the clothing to be used on a boat must be adequate and comfortable, and is affected by weather and season conditions. It must be comfortable and allow easy mobility;

- it is good to have waterproof clothing covers also in other disciplines;

- it is good to have the lifebelt, how to wear it and use it will be provided and explained on board.

Some advises


- K-way (or light raincoat)

- Boat shoes with white sole (or sneakers), to be worn only on board

- Bermuda, t-shirt, costume, cap

- Sunglasses (with lanyard)

- Towel


- Raincoat (or wind jacket or waterproof jacket)

- Boots or boat shoes, to be worn only on board

- Bermuda, t-shirt, costume, cap

- Comfortable and sporty clothing: Long trousers, sweaters or sweatshirts; gymnastics suit

- Woolen hat, glasses

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