FAMILIARIZE WITH SAIL   (intermediate course)

This course allows you to deepen the knowledge of the sailboat. It is aimed at those who have attended a basic course or those who already experience sailboat.

   experience required: knowledge of key maneuvers

   The program provides approximately 20 hours of theory and practice activity

   the excursions at sea will be 4 and will take place on Saturdays and Sundays, or on other days to be decided with the instructor

   will be held in groups of 3 to 5 crew members and instructor on board

   meeting at Porto Mirabello

The cost is 195€ per person.

Returning to the harbor will take place a sharing of impressions during the lesson.


At each esson, before releasing moorings, the notions of theory will be verified, will be about: hull, sails, wind, gaits, knots.

After releasing moorings, the participants will navigate and steer in the various gears, managing the adjustment of the sails in relation to the direction of the wind; managing a route.

THEORY and boat preparation

Points of sailing:  

hauled, wind abeam, reaching, running.


hull, riggings : adjustment (hull center / sail center);   turning and “abbattuta”.


Roles on board

Navigate at the various points of sailing:  

hauled and reaching between buoys or references.


half hitch, clove hitch, reef knot , figure of eight, bowline.

All excursions are carried out with the observance of the safety of navigation.