DISCOVER THE SAIL   (basic course)

This course is aimed at those who first approach the sailboat or have little experience. With this sailing course on a cruise ship you will acquire a good knowledge of the fundamentals theory and you will be able to participate as a crew member on the boat.

   the program provides approximately 20 hours of activity between theory and practice

   the excursions at sea will be 4 and will take place on Saturdays and Sundays, or on other days to be decided with the instructor

   they will be held in groups of 3 to 5 crew members and instructor on board

   meeting at Porto Mirabello

The cost is 235€ per person.

Returning to the harbor will take place a sharing of impressions during the lesson.


This course allows you to get to know the basics of sailing. It is aimed at those who wish to try to sail on a boat driven by the wind force.

At each esson, before releasing moorings, the first notions of theory will be provided, they will be about: hull, sails, wind, gaits, knots. You will begin to know the boat, with particular attention to providing the first notions of mariners terminology.

Once overcome the excitement of the start, the participants will start navigating starting to rudder, beginning the first adjustments of the sails in relation to the wind direction.

THEORY and boat preparation


the hull, the trees, the veil, steering organs. Armed and disarmed.

Points of sailing:  

to point hight and bear away, stop the boat, turn.


bow chock - cleat

porthole – hatch

to tight – to cast off

quickwork – top side

forward – stern,    starboard – left

below deck – deck,   cockpit

ropes: halyard – sheets,    adugnare

to point hight – bear away,    downwind – upwind

PRACTICE (students alternate with maneuvers and boat steering)


Stop the boat:  

to point hight and bear away -> change of route.

Navigate between two points on the crossbar:  

walls, edges.

All excursions are carried out with the observance of the safety of navigation.